Reseller Hosting Vs Shared Hosting: Which is better?

People new to website building often get confused about how much they should spend on website hosting and what kind of service they need to purchase.

 There is no one size fits all answer to this question since each person has a different need. This is why hosting companies offer different plans.

Website Hosting 2018

 Before you purchase a website hosting plan, it is best to identify what you need for your website. If you are running a simple WordPress blog on your site, a basic shared hosting plan is sufficient. To get the best value for your money, make sure the hosting is on SSD (Solid State Drives) and they offer you unlimited bandwidth and space. WordPress sites don’t take a lot of space or bandwidth. But if your site goes viral, the demand for bandwidth will shoot up and it is good to know you can depend on your hosting company to keep your site up and running.

 If you run a business and take payments on your site, it is better to get dedicated hosting with a static IP address and an SSL certificate. Shop around to find the best deal.

 If you are a web developer, you should purchase a reseller hosting plan. The hosting company will give bandwidth and space and other extras at a bulk price. You can divide these into separate segments and use them to install and run your client’s sites. This will allow you to independently bill your clients, get a regular income and keep your running costs separate from development costs.

Reseller hosting allows you to access your client site and fix issues when needed. It also makes it easy to control your group of sites from a singular Web Host Manager (WHM). It also reduces the headache of logging in to each site to perform maintenance tasks. Many budding developers forget this aspect when setting hosting service.

As a developer, you can manage 2-4 sites by logging in to individual control panels. But when the number increases to 30 or 40, it becomes a nightmare and you will be glad to have signed up for a reselling hosting plan.

Pricewise, a shared hosting plan could be about $2-$10 depending on the company and the longevity of your plan. A reseller hosting could be $20-$30 a month. So it is better to figure out the right plan ahead of time.

 In summary, if you run one of two small websites, go with shared hosting. If your site grows big or needs more bandwidth, you can shift to dedicated hosting or a virtual private server. Shared hosting is a cost-effective option for a person running 2-3 sites.

 If you are a web professional and manage multiple websites, get reseller hosting. This will allow you to monitor all sites easily and utilise the resources in the most cost-effective manner. It allows your bill you clients separately. You can even make a profit by selling the extra hosting space to your website visitors.

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