Advantages of Creative Explainer Videos

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Animated explainer videos are being prepared professionally by companies as well as individual designers so that the companies can market their products successfully. Initially, the explainer videos were a part of the methods employed to convince people and ensure that the social service message is conveyed in its full essence. They are short videos, and hence they do not consume much time, and people wait to view it completely. The crux of the whole idea is the viewers watching the complete video and taking in the message. If the video is too long or not engaging then people might abandon it midway, and it will be lost situation for the creators.

The maximum time that can be used for an explainer video is 60-90 seconds that means that you have a maximum of 240 words that you can use for the video. This means that whatever you chose to discuss should be well planned and thought out and only the key things included. This way the product explainer video will grab the attention of the users and in turn become profitable for the organization.

The advantages of directing a creative explainer video are:

  • It helps in increasing the conversion rates of the consumers. It has been proved through research that if a person visits the website through the call to action present on the explainer video, there are 85% more chances that the person will be buying the products. Many brands have also reported that their sales increased after they had included explainer videos on their website or Facebook pages.
  • Brands that have included explainer videos on their homepages are more likely to turn up amongst the top searches of the Google search engines.
  • An animated product explainer video is like your 24/7 sales pitch that is viewable by people all over the world without much efforts on your parts. It is an ever-present convincing message related to your brand.
  • A small sized video is not too heavy and can be very easily shared on all platforms even WhatsApp and Instagram. You can also use it as a sales pitch and since it is small in size and there are no issues about the format you can also take it with you to conferences and present it instead of speaking out and introducing your product.
  • It has a high return on investments. This means that you only need to invest once in having the explainer video made, once that is done you can very easily share it as many times as you want and at as many platforms as you want to.

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