Choose the Best Animation Styles for Your Explainer Videos

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Animated explainer videos are gaining popularity every year. They are one of the effective ways to enhance brand awareness, boost your SEO, improve engagement, and elevate conversions. There are various animation styles out there for your business. You need to pick the right style for your explainer video that suits better to the goals and marketing strategy of your business.

The popular animation styles for your explainer video are:

Scribe Video (Whiteboard Animation)


Nowadays, scribe videos are so popular in marketing due to many reasons. One of them, they are better at getting your message remembered by people of every age group. They are also more likely to be shared. Moreover, they are much more effective at generating recommendations for your service. And, it leads to more sales. Businesses such as Dropbox almost launched its entire work using simple whiteboard explainer video. Most of the time, pharmaceutical companies try to show their latest medications by using whiteboard animation. They use it on regular basis, sometimes to introduce their latest surgical advancements.

It is suggested to keep the time of whiteboard explainer video not more than 2 minutes. But, if there is lot of information to convey, it will be better to bring out a series of videos. Thus, this whiteboard animation style let the viewers engaged longer than the rest. It is best for educational or long form of content, healthcare, and corporate training videos.

 Traditional Animation (2D Animated Explainer Video)

This style offers the widest range applications for businesses. It is well-known for its capability to come up with recognizable characters, and engaging narrating style. It is mainly used for brand awareness. If you are going to introduce new product or service, then 2D animation is an amazing style to opt for.

3D Animation Explainer Videos

It is one of the most popular styles of animation, today. It is also referred as “Computer Generated Imagery”. Instead of telling narrative stories, 3D animation explainer videos are more into illustrating ideas and features. They are best to launch product explainer videos, software and financial services. This style requires you to understand your marketing goals and target audience before investing into 3D animated explainer videos.

Motion Graphics Animated Explainer Videos

This style is mainly used to show off stats and information. Motion graphics style doesn’t include characters based messaging for brands. It mainly uses text and shapes, making it ideal to bring stories to life.

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