Professionals Recommend Using These Tips When Creating Explainer Videos in 2018

Professionals Recommend Using These Tips When Creating Explainer Videos in 2018

If You Are Looking For A Way To Put Out Your Company’s Or Business’ Marketing Message Out Into The World In A Fun Way That Stands Out, Then Creating An Explainer Video Can Be Just The Right Move For You. These Videos Can Be A Great Way For You To Get That Message Through In A Way That Is Very Clear And Precise And Right To The Point, While Also Being Short And Eye-Catching At The Same Time. Creating The Perfect Explainer Videos Can Be Very Challenging, Especially If You Are Doing It For The First Time So Keep On Reading This Article For A Few Great Tips On How To Do It.

You need a script

Something that a lot of people don’t even give a second thought to is the fact that every explainer video needs a good script, no matter what anyone tells you. A good explainer video needs to be maximum 90 seconds and ideally 60 seconds. This is because research has shown that 50% of the audience that will watch your video will stop after 60 seconds and for you to be able to put everything that you need to in that short amount of time you need to have some sort of guideline to follow and that is exactly what the scrip represents. Of course, you can always make the video longer, for example if you are using the video in order to represent the image of the company instead of a specific aim or to present a product then the length of the video may not matter as much, but you should still try to keep within the 90 second time limit and use the right script will definitely help you do so.

Take use of an existing problem and focus on that

Something that you need to remember when you are creating explainer videos is that people like it when someone acknowledges their problems and when they see that someone’s focus is to help them and one of the best and most common methods to capture the attention of the audience is to focus the first part of the video on one of those problems that they have been struggling with. Anyone that is open to finding a solution to those problems will be very interested to stick for the second part of the video as well. However, in order for this to work we recommend that you avoid focusing on the history of your company, its achievements or benefits in this first part of the video, and instead focus that part completely on the customers and their problems

After you have addressed the problem, present solutions

Once you have acknowledged the problem and addressed in the first part of the explainer video, the second part is where you get to offer them the solution, i.e. your product or service. In a very focused and clear way explain what the advantages of your product or service are, how they work and most importantly, how they will help your target audience with their problem. When dealing with this part of the video we recommend you put in a lot of thought in what the main advantages of, both, your business and product are and present them in the best way you possibly can within the time frame of the video. This way you are solving the problem and you get to present your business in the perfect light.

It Is No Secret That Explainer Videos Are Everywhere And The Simple Reason For That Is That They Are A Tool That Definitely Works. Whether You Are Using The Video To Promote A Product Or Simply To Shed Light On Your Business Or Company, When Done Right These Videos Can Bring In A Lot Of New Customers, Which After All Is The Whole Point Of Marketing In General. So Follow These Few Tips And Create A Video That Will Really Bring Attention To Your Brand And Capture The Attention Of The Audience.

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